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Our mission is to create durable products that will last for years. Our products are made in small batches because we do not want to create an unnecessary inventory. 

Each product comes with instructions for care. We establish clear guidelines for using our products to maintain their quality for many years.

Tradition & Innovation

We use techniques passed down from generation to generation that have been in use for almost 100 years. In combination with modern technologies, we create personalized and eye-catching products.


The inspiration for creation is nature and the environment. Ideas often come by themselves thanks to many years of experience in the industry.

Raw Material

We make every effort to ensure that semi-finished products come from reliable suppliers who care about the environment. They should be produced sustainably, using recycled or waste materials.  


In the production process, we use such machines as a modern CNC cutting machine, vertical and horizontal saws, a veneering machine, and an ecological paint booth. 

Zero Waste

Projects such as PATCHWORK or CRAFT & ART are unique and individual works made from scraps of post-production materials. Creating from useless materials can be an ecological and aesthetic work of art.


We focus on sustainably produced or recycled materials. The most common materials we use are wood, metal, and solid surfaces. The materials have the appropriate quality certificates.

We strive to use irreplaceable materials like metal and wood in a sustainable way in accordance with the zero waste concept. The latest technologies reduce the amount of waste generated in the production process. Some products can be 100% recycled and are part of the circular economy.

We work with materials with almost unlimited application possibilities, which makes them versatile. We use them to create furniture, lighting, ceiling/wall installations and decorative elements.


Our brand was born out of respect for nature. Our planet is our home that we should take care of especially in the present time. Production takes place in Poland, while the raw materials are produced in the EU, which reduces the carbon footprint.

Cooperation with proven manufacturers allows us to have control over the quality of materials. Long-term relationships allow us to create multidimensional projects.


We strive to eliminate plastic from our collateral. Cardboard boxes are recycled, and paper items such as instructions are printed on recycled paper.


Any wooden furniture requires care, as over time its top layer will wear off. For this purpose, we recommend natural products such as oils or waxes.


We do not recommend the use of highly corrosive chemicals as they may damage the surface.

Solid surface

The most important rule for using a solid surface is to protect it from heat exposure. Contact with something hot can cause damage to the surface.